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NLBC Benefits of Membership

Stronger Together

Sometimes it's better to be part of something bigger. There are lots of benefits to being a member of a community. People feel more secure when they know that they have others around them who share their goals and care about their well-being and progress. People have always been stronger and LOUDER together.

A Problem Shared

A problem shared is a problem halved. Sharing a problem usually makes it seem less daunting or troubling. You have a whole community to help you solve it! Engine or electrical problems, improving facilities, navigations and moorings, legal or best practice advice. Working together we can all acheive more while having to do less.

Pooling Resources

Pooling finances and resources is a proven strategy that maximises advantage and minimises risk to the individual. Each membership subscription helps the NLBC to acheive more for all of its members than an individual could accomplish alone. By each giving a little we multiply our community's ability to finance our objectives.

Information Resources

A central point of information that is drawn together that is directly relevant to your lifestyle, hobby or leisure activities. You can find information and links to the legal requirements of owning and operating a boat. Licencing of boats and other conditions, fishing licences or other activities. There is also community agreed best practice too.

Members Forums

Forums are an ideal way to engage with others. You get support when you need it (and in exchange give support to others). You have a richer vein of experience to draw on, because you can pool examples, references and ideas. Forums can act as an archive of previous discussions, responses, suggestions and information.

Data Collection

As information is king, it's important to have data to support your objectives. Using online forms and other collection methods, we are able to progress our community aims with information in a reasoned and coherent way. We can collate accident, anti-social behaviour and damage statistics, required improvements, socio-economic worth and ensure institutional accountability.

Polls & Surveys

When there is no right or wrong answer, how do we decide what we ought to do? Polls and surveys are a great way of ensuring every member can be part of, and engage in the decision making process. They can illicit diverse views and responses and can be used to gauge the mood and feeling around various issues. This helps and enables the NLBC to present a representative membership view.

News and Issues

It's a busy world and there are a lot of sources of news and issues. Sometimes it helps to have this condensed and centralised to make it manageable and less time consuming to stay up to date with what matters to you and how things might affect you in the future. Staying current with news and isues helps people to engage positively with others for the best outcome for themselves and their community.

Tools and Applications

We provide a number of useful online, telephone and SMS text tools to make things easier for our members. Our online 'NLBC standard mooring log', 'NLBC Boat guardian', 'NLBC Incident reporting tool', 'NLBC Letter Generator and Responder' and many others enable you to record and report thing easily. No lost letters, pieces of paper or diaries, we take care of all of that for you.

Ads Directory

We all need trades and services from time-to-time or have things to sell. We have an Ads Directory for trades, services and items. From leather workers, welders, electricians, boats for rent, hire or sale as well as canalside pubs and accommodation, car repairs, and canal ice-cream traders! NLBC members advertise for FREE.

Events & Social

Use our Events and Social calendar to let others know about gigs, shows, exhibitions, gatherings and anything else that would be of interest to those on or near the waterways, or local communities. There's no better way to get to know and understand others than over a drink to two, or sharing a common interest. NLBC members list for FREE.

Active Involvement

If you feel you'd like to get hands-on with YOUR NLBC that would be great. Whilst we appreciate many members will simply want to make use of their membership benefits, we welcome those who'd like to get more involved in the running of the NLBC to benefit all of those people, communities and groups using or associated with the UK's waterways, harbours and marinas.